When you get to Anoli Village you'll probably feel
you've found your Garden of Eden
Nicole and Milo succeeded in creating here the right atmosphere
in an increadibly beautiful setting.

A haven of peace


You are on the windy heights of the village of Sainte-Anne.
Under your eyes a gorgeouspanorama stretches
from Diamond Rock to the Pointe du Marin beach.


 The creole-style bungalows
harmoniously fit into their sunny
countryside in-bloom.





Simply discover the splendour of
a beautifull sunset.

You feel like tasting Coco Punch
or Schrub ?
Welcome to the bar !


A little aside, the pool set
in it's emerald casket of tropical vegetation
invites you to relax
for your own well-being.


coucher de soleil
Sunset at Anoli-Village


If you enjoyed Anoli-Village's visit,
now come and view one of its bungalows by clicking below.